Non-Profit Conferencing Solutions

Non-profits have a unique problem. Although non-profit organizations thrive through communication and getting the word out about their cause, they often don't have much of a budget for doing so. This means every penny that goes toward communications counts. This is why Infinite Conferencing™ offers special discounted non-profit conferencing solutions. Whether you need to organize a board meeting, meet with partners around the world, generate interest through seminars, present initiatives, or simply train new members and volunteers, Infinite Conferencing offers a comprehensive, customized, affordable non-profit conferencing solution that will work for your organization.

Many times, the critical person needed can't be physically present in front of you...

You'll find our non-profit rates competitive and our service outstanding as you cost effectively create growing enthusiasm for your cause. Whether you're a non-profit charity, membership association, religious organization, scientific research facility, or a trust/foundation, Infinite Conferencing™ can extend your global reach.

Reservationless Phone Conferencing

You can conference call on a moment's notice with our non-profit reservationless phone conferencing service. Users receive a dedicated dial-in number and entry code for 24/7, on-demand, phone conferencing. With no need for reservations, our non-profit phone conferencing service is easy to use and rich in features like global dial-out, operator summon, record and playback, conference lock, presentation mode, roll call, and more.

You can host up to 100 callers with our simple and affordable non-profit phone conferencing solution. The free wallet cards make on-to-go conferencing easy and our reporting and departmental billing keeps everything organized.

Operator-Assisted Non-Profit Phone Conferencing

For a more traditional conference call, non-profits can trust our operator-assisted phone conferencing service. This full service, reservations required solution includes a live operator who will greet your callers or call out to your unlimited number of participants. Our operator will introduce your speakers and will remain on the call to provide any assistance needed.

With enhanced services like participation reports, record and playback, and call transcription, our operator-assisted non-profit phone conferencing is ideal for complex or large conference calls.

Non-Profit Web Conferencing

Because our non-profit web conferencing service is so simple, invitees only need an internet-connected computer and phone line to participate. With no software downloads or special hardware required, you can host successful online meetings, PowerPoint presentations, volunteer training sessions, and more over the internet to advance the goals of your organization, communicate with large and small groups, enhance fundraising efforts, or connect with your local or global community of supporters.