Our highly proven, resilient and secure webcasting service enables you to dramatically lower your communication costs while at the same time increase efficiencies and project a very professional image to your target audiences. Furthermore, Infinite can help you customize every aspect of your webcast so you can maintain brand consistency – from the invitation and registration page to the presentation window, post-event playback player and more.

Resilient and secure webcasting service enables you to dramatically lower your communication costs...

Infinite helps small to medium-sized businesses broadcast important audio and video content to customers, prospects and partners in an interactive, high-bandwidth, measurable way. The seamless integration of PowerPoint, Q&A sessions and real-time polling capabilities further empower you with the tools you need to effectively communicate with key global audiences en masse.

Why Webcasting

  • Reach global audiences quickly
  • Eliminate travel costs
  • Extend the life of your event through on-demand playback
  • Understand who attended through detailed reporting
  • Interact live non-intrusively through online polling, Q&A, etc.

Dedicated Event Producers

We assign an event team to work closely with you to ensure seamless operation throughout every aspect of your event - from upfront discovery and speaker training to event facilitation and post-event marketing. This team will facilitate and manage everything for you, including on-site preparation, camera crews, lighting, audio equipment and more. Our end-to-end production and technical management goes a step further and even includes:

  • Event and registration web page design
  • Pre-event end-to-end testing and rehearsal
  • Full in-house video production and editing
  • On-site certified web technicians
  • Coordinating Internet connectivity
  • Portable encoding and transmission equipment
  • Optional satellite and fiber downlink

Post-Event Support

Infinite doesn’t call it a day once your event ends. We help you turn your broadcast into a valuable sales, marketing and/or training tool. Our technical professionals will provide the necessary post-event editing and archiving support so you can make your recorded event accessible on-demand to anyone who may have missed it live. This helps you maximize the utility and exposure of your event.

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