Operator Assisted

Our operator assisted phone conferencing system is a comprehensive solution for your most important conferences. Speed and quality of communication is vital in today’s competitive environment. Whether it is announcing financial results to shareholders and investors, launching a product or keeping staff informed, how you communicate makes a difference.

Infinite’s Operator-Assisted services can help you reduce your administrative burden by utilizing our event coordinators to reduce your work load

Infinite’s Operator-Assisted services can help you reduce your administrative burden by utilizing our event coordinators to reduce your work load. We take care of pre-registration, lists of participants, tabulating the results of in-call votes or polls, replay of the meeting, and transcription services.

Schedule your meetings quickly and efficiently with Infinite. In one easy conversation, an Event Coordinator will recommend features and reserve resources matched to the objectives of your meeting. Host your meetings confidently. Event Coordinators handle all the technical and administrative aspects of your meetings so you can focus on delivering your message:

  • Placing presenters in a private sub-conference prior to the start of your meeting.
  • Providing announcements, introducing speakers, and playing pre-recorded material.
  • Ensuring the privacy of sensitive meetings by managing who can access the meeting.
  • Monitoring audio quality to proactively address any technical issues instantly.
  • Managing the order of questions and keeping you informed about participant attendance.

Improve your participants’ meeting experience. Choose from a number of conveniences that your participants will appreciate including: Global Access Numbers, live translation services, audio streaming (webcasting), replay links, and meeting entry options.

Operator-Assisted Call Features

Our Operator-Assisted service is designed to help you do more in your meetings. Features include:

Before the Event

  • Global Access - Simplify access to your meetings by providing local, in-country telephone numbers for participants from over 50 countries
  • Meeting Entry - Tailor your participants’ entry into your meeting to your needs using Meet and Greet entry, Instant entry or Pre-registration
  • Reminder Call - Ensure maximum attendance by having an Event Coordinator remind your participants of an upcoming meeting by phone, fax or email
  • Restricted List - Enhance the privacy of your meeting by having Infinite admit only those participants identified on a list you provide


  • Audio Streaming – Broadcast your live or pre-recorded meeting to wider audience by streaming (Webcasting) your event over the internet.
  • Communication Link – Communicate with your Event Coordinator over a separate and discrete line during your meeting to coordinate the flow of your meeting.
  • Credit Card Processing.
  • Interpretation – Provide live interpretation of your meeting into other languages.
  • Lecture – Mute all lines, apart from the speaker’s, to reduce background noise.
  • Mute – Participants can mute their own phone line to eliminate background noise.
  • Playback – Present pre-recorded segments during your meeting.
  • Questions and Answer – Manage question and answer sessions using your Operator to moderate the order and pace of the questions.
  • Roll-Call – Have the names of all participants announces within the meeting.
  • Sub-Conferences – Conduct a private, secure meeting apart from your main meeting where small groups can have detailed discussions. This feature is ideal for speakers to convene prior to a meeting or for break-out sessions.
  • Conference Viewer – View all aspects of your call with a real-time, web-based application. With Conference Viewer you can view a list of the participants in your meeting, prioritize the Q&A queue, and text chat with the operator.
  • Voting/Polling - Solicit feedback during your meeting by having participants use their telephone key pad to give instant feedback based on multiple-choice questions.
  • Digital Recording - Have your meeting recorded digitally and made available for future reference.


  • Participant List - Obtain a list of the participants who attended your meeting.
  • Replay - Have your recorded conferences made available for replay over the telephone.
  • Transcription - Obtain a text version of your meeting.
  • Translation - Have your transcripts translated into any common business language of the world.