Professional Services

Infinite Conferencing™ has partnered with Rally Point Webinars to provide further added-value services to clients, with professional marketing and content solutions added to its comprehensive webinar and web conference business.

Rally Point supplements your internal bandwidth and capabilities in the four areas of successful events: event marketing, content development, flawless, engaging event execution, and post-event business development.

Rally Point Webinars Professional Services

Our clients run events for many reasons, including to:

  • Generate Leads - Attract interest in your services from new people and companies
  • Nurture Leads - Build preference with people and companies that are already interested in your services.
  • Support Sales - Assist your salespeople in conversations with prospects actively deciding whether to hire your company
  • Build Client Relationships - Strengthen your client relationships by offering valuable content and access to experts.
  • Educate & Train - Provide educational content for your employees, members, paid-seminar attendees, or other exclusive groups Any online event with the above goals needs someone to plan, execute, and coordinate a number of complicated components. Our clients come to us for support with:
  • Event Marketing - To drive the maximum number of qualified attendees...
  • Content Development - To select a topic that appeals to their target audience and deliver a worthwhile presentation...
  • Technology Support - To leverage the best technology available, make use all of its features, and to have experts handle the technical aspect of running a live, online event...
  • Event Facilitation - To run a flawless, engaging event by having a seasoned facilitator to manage the non-presentation aspects of the webinar, such as introductions, pacing, polling, and attendee care and engagement...
  • Educate & Train - Provide educational content for your employees, members, paid-seminar attendees, or other exclusive groups
  • Post-Event Business Development - To follow up with each attendee to further nurture the relationship, set meetings to begin a sales conversation, or meet some other objective...

We serve our clients by understanding their goals for running an online event, driving attendance, operating the various parts of the event, and by delivering the actual results each client sets out to achieve when starting the campaign.

Schedule a conversation with Rally Point today and learn how you can make the most of your online events.