Meeting Viewer

Audio conference calls have taken a great leap forward with Infinite Conferencing™’s Meeting Viewer. Meeting Viewer provides Infinite’s Reservationless, Audio- call customers with greater control and visibility over their conference calls.

Call chairpersons can use MeetMe Controller to launch a conference call and manage and monitor who’s on the call – from virtually any device.

About Meeting Viewer

Meeting Viewer turns your smartphone or computer into a “remote controller” for your Reservationless Audio call. It’s is an easy-to-use, web-based service that adds value to your Infinite Conferencing™ Reservationless Audio service.

The chairperson and all invited participants can still dial in, as normal, from any phone, such as their desk phones, mobiles or meeting-room speaker phones. Then, as chairperson, you can manage the call from your smartphone, tablet or any computer browser.

Meeting Viewer can be used on any iPhone running iOS v3, Android phone, Windows phone with operating system 5 or newer or any BlackBerry with operating system 4.1 or newer.

For Infinite customers, download here. There are no utilization fees outside of your regular usage fees for Reservationless Audio.

Enhanced Visibility, Security and Control

Meeting Viewer provides call chairpersons with greater visibility, security and control, ensuring that every call runs smoothly and efficiently.

Improved visibility - The controller improves visibility by displaying the names and/or phone numbers of the participants on your call — in real-time. This feature leaves you free to focus on your meeting, rather than always needing to ask, "who just joined?" or "who just dropped off?" MeetMe Controller will also alert you when your conference has started by buzzing a signal to your smartphone as soon as the first invited guest joins your conference.

Enhanced security - Meeting Viewer improves security by enabling you to see if an uninvited guest accidentally joined your call, perhaps because a call runs late and overlaps into another starting call. You will likewise know exactly who's left your call, so that you're comfortable to have a private debriefing with your team at the end of a wider call. For extra security, you can use MeetMe Controller to lock the conference to ensure no additional callers can join.

How It Works

All your invited guests can join the call by dialing from their usual mobile, desk or conference-room phones.

As chairperson, you can still dial into the call from any phone, including your smartphone. If you are also monitoring the call using Meeting Viewer on your smartphone, your name will appear on the application's real-time listing of call participants as soon as you've dialed in.

If you prefer, you can use Meeting Viewer to help you join the call without needing to remember any access numbers and pass codes. Using the “Join as Chairperson” feature, you can select any phone from which you wish to join the conference and it will dial out to you immediately.

During the call, Meeting Viewer will always show you a real-time list of who's on your conference call. If someone is missing, you can use Meeting Viewer to add them to the call from your smartphone address book. If someone has joined from a noisy location – perhaps their car or a noisy airport concourse – then, you can use MeetMe Controller to mute that particular participant.

Meeting Viewer Features

Meeting Viewer offers the ability to:

  • Send email or calendar invitations from your smartphone, pre-populated with your Reservationless Audio dial-in details.
  • Join the call as chairperson – from any telephone – without the need to punch in your Reservationless Audio access numbers or pass codes.
  • Receive “Call Start Alerts” to your smartphone as soon as the first invited participant joins your call.
  • Monitor, in real-time, who's on your call – or missing – at any given moment.
  • Make sure only your invited participants are in the conference.
  • Add missing participants into the call from your smartphone's address book.
  • Mute individual participants with any disturbing background noise (please note that if you mute participants from the mobile controller, they will not be able to use *6 to un-mute themselves).
  • Lock the conference to ensure no further access if extra security is needed.
  • Record the call for playback later.
  • Assign a billing code to a conference.

Click here to download Meeting Viewer.

To learn more about how Meeting Viewer can add value to your Infinite Reservationless Audio conference calls, contact us at 1.888.203.7900.

Full Service

  • End-to-End Event Management – production, customization, registration, training, facilitation, and reporting

Add-On Support

  • Operator monitoring
  • Roll call
  • Presenter training, script refinement, dry-runs Invitation - call notification; email invitations, confirmations and reminders
  • Custom on-hold message and music
  • Registration – page development, participant processing, accepting payments
  • Presenter/speaker training
  • Participant polling – setting up your questions, turning on the poll during the event, etc.
  • Technical assistance – prior to or during event
  • Post-event – surveying, reporting