Conference Calls

conferencing can offer businesses a way to respond to day-to-day challenges quickly and effectively

By minimizing travel and accelerating the decision making process, conferencing can offer businesses a way to respond to day-to-day challenges quickly and effectively, ultimately helping to enhance productivity and capture mind share. Arranging meetings and events can sometimes be frustrating. You often can’t get the right people together at the right time. Or it’s not possible, practical or cost-effective to travel to meetings with colleagues, customers or stakeholders. This is where conferencing can help your business.

What is Conferencing?

Simply put, conferencing provides the ability to meet with colleagues, customers and suppliers anytime and from anywhere. Conferencing can be anything from a simple three-way phone call to a large event with thousands of people watching the conference streamed live via their PC.

How conferencing can benefit your business?

Infinite makes sharing information easy, often meaning informed decisions can be made regardless of the location of key parties. You can reach and work with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders wherever they are, widening your customer base and tapping into new markets.

Conferencing provides:

Conferencing is suitable for all types of meetings

Just as in a face-to-face meeting, conferencing brings the key players together in real-time. Using our phone and web conferencing services you can meet with two people or 5,000, so it’s flexible enough for you to use for team meetings or an investor relations event. Participants can present slides, share information, documents and ideas, enhancing discussion and making it quicker and easier to work together.

Increased productivity

Less travel and faster decision-making can help increase productivity. Participants from almost anywhere in the world can meet, anytime by connecting via the phone on the web.

Ease of use

All our conferencing services have been designed to be user friendly and participants require no special technical knowledge. At its simplest, all you need is a phone, landline or mobile.

Conferencing Services

Infinite offers a full range of audio, web and streaming services. Whatever your conferencing needs we’re confident we can help you meet and exceed them.

  • Audio conferencing - Automated or Scheduled
  • Web conferencing
  • Webcasting