Government Conferencing Services

Government agencies have many challenges, including the fact that with so many branches and divisions within federal, state, and local governments, communication can be difficult. Flying officials in from different areas to meet is expensive. With governments under pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency, cost effective phone and web conferencing only makes sense.

Our government conferencing services support the challenges faced in communicating securely over great distances.

Infinite Conferencing™ provides government conferencing services via telephone conference calls or the internet. Our government conferencing services support the challenges faced in communicating securely over great distances.

Reservationless Phone Conferencing

With a dedicated dial-in number, entry code, and access to 24/7 on-demand phone conferencing, you never need to make a reservation with our reservationless government conferencing services. Simple to use while still offering advanced features like global dial-out, operator summon, record and playback, conference lock, presentation, roll call, and more, you can host up to 100 callers anytime with this affordable phone conferencing solution.

With reporting and departmental billing available and free wallet cards for easy on-the-go conferencing, our reservationless government conferencing services offer 24/7 convenience that is ideal in the event of a crisis.

Operator-Assisted Phone Conferencing

For conferencing precisely tailored to your specific governmental conferencing needs, consider our traditional, full service, reservations required operator-assisted government conferencing services. Our operators will greet your callers or will dial out to your unlimited number of participants before introducing your speakers. Additionally, they will remain on the line during your call to provide any needed assistance.

With enhanced services available like participation reports, record and playback, and call transcription, our operator-assisted government conferencing services are perfect for complex or large conferences where having traditional operator services will bring about success.

Web Conferencing

Whether web conferencing, webcasting, or holding a webinar, you and your participants only need an internet-connected computer with our web government conferencing services. Perfect for online meetings, PowerPoint presentations, team meetings, and training programs, browser-based web conferencing doesn't require you to purchase complicated hardware or to install any type of software.

When it comes to the complex nature of government communications, trust Infinite Conferencing™'s government conferencing services. Call (888) 203-7900 for a no-obligation consultation, demo, or competitive quotation today!