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Full-Service Webinars


Use Infinite Conferencing and benefit from superior technology and service and first-rate attendee experience.

Unlike our competitors, which provide webinar platforms and leave you to fend for yourself, Infinite provides a full-service webinar experience, beginning the moment you contact us all the way until you've deemed your webinar a success.

It all starts with planning

A lot goes into a successful webinar. Sure, the webinar itself is the centerpiece, but a lot of contributing factors go into the perfect webinar and Infinite has the experience to support you from start to finish.

From setting goals to execution of the actual event, Infinite's experienced Support Team will hold your hand and guide you through the process.


An effective webinar consists of much more than just showing up on the event date. Infinite specialists will provide guidance on best practices as well as technology training so that you can deliver your presentation with confidence.


Rehearsal is a critical component of the webinar experience. Infinite allows you to practice your event in a simulated environment.

We offer a complete walk-through of your entire event with speakers and producers to ensure details have been addressed and your event is thoroughly coordinated.

Leave the management to the experts

Your webinar speaker might be an expert, but that doesn't mean they are an expert at coordinating online events. An Infinite specialist will assist your speaker by handling introductions, Q&A moderation, and the event's conclusion, as well as serving as in-room chatter to generate focused conversation about the topic presented.

In addition, behind the scenes, our specialist will provide speaker support, such as timing cues and real-time constructive feedback. They will stay on top of your e-mail commmunication schedule, notifications, and timeline, so you can focus on delivering the perfect message.

Market your webinar for maximum results

Marketing is a process that never ends; it starts before your webinar and continues after you've finished. Infinite can help you with both.

From setting measurable goals to recommending proven marketing strategies, we'll advise you on the best approaches and tools to utilize in order to achieve your goals.

Lead Qualification

The registration process provides you with pertinent information regarding your registrants, critical to your measurement.

A customized registration page will be allow you to qualify your audience. It will provide you the opportunity to tailor your message to meet audience expectations and marketing objectives.

In addition, interactive tools such as surveys and polls enhance your engagement with your audience to further qualify them.

Campaign Tracking

Tracking your advertising metrics is critical to optimizing your marketing efforts.

Infinite's source tracking capabilities deliver detailed tracking analytics so you can allocate resources to your better performing campaigns.

You can also export the data from your webinar and then import directly into your CRM software to have the information on-hand for future reference. Source tracking provides powerful insight into the campaigns that are generating the most qualified registrants. You can then append this data into marketing initiatives including e-mails, websites, banners, and other promotional activities.

Social Networking

Social networking is quickly gaining momentum.

Social networking can easily be embedded in a webinar as an additional interactive component and may also be used prior to and following the event.

Infinite will help you determine the best approaches for leveraging this powerful social medium beyond the actual event.


Take the webinar process and make it 100% yours. Create branded e-mail campaigns, invitations, micro-sites, and more using customized interfaces to reflect your image.

Need to accept payment?

If you want to charge an attendee to view your webinar, no need to outsource to another vendor; Infinite's got that covered as well!

Accepting Payment

Our advanced registration system supports payment processing as part of the registration process. We can accept multiple payment currencies and types, including credit cards, debit cards, and invoices. The menus are user-friendly and available in several languages.

We also offer a coupon code option to add discounts you would like to offer for your webinar.

Payment Processing

You control your payments, not Infinite. Easily access receipts and administer refunds quickly and securely using our web-based interface, anytime, anywhere.

We have multiple payment gateway options, such as Paypal or Google Checkout, allowing for the easy transfer of funds from our system into your bank account!

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Web Conferencing

A powerful, yet simple to use tool for securely performing presentations on the Internet.

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Visual Webcaster

Web Conferencing

Visual Presenter is a user-friendly platform that allows Hosts to prepare and launch their Webcasting event.

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Web Conferencing

With WebEx, you can share just about any application from your desktop with your conference participants via the web, just as you would in a face-to-face meeting

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Live Meeting

Web Conferencing

With Live Meeting, you can add just about any visual medium from your desktop to your conference call to share with all your participants.

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Live Meeting

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