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Attend a live webinar or watch an archived event at your convenience. All events are powered by Infinite's feature rich event platforms.


Our live webinars provide helpful tips, tricks and best practices you can use to improve your webinar effectiveness. We add new events frequently, so be sure to check back.


All webinars are archived and accessible for up to 12 months after the original live event date.


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On-Demand Webinars


View Webinar - December 19, 2012: Beer and Bar-B-Que IS a Membership Strategy


View Webinar - December 18, 2012: Rematerialism, Elective Bionic Surgery and The Future of Education: Trends for 2013 and Beyond


View Webinar - December 12, 2012: Member Prospecting: Fishing in the Right Ponds


View Webinar - December 11, 2012: Social Media Metamorphosis: How your favorite platforms are changing


View Webinar - December 5, 2012: Building a Spirit of Engagement: The New Volunteerism


View Webinar - November 14, 2012: How to Maximize Your Value Proposition to Grow 10 Times in 10 Years


View Webinar - November 9, 2012: Secrets of World Class CEO Communicators: The Ten Key Techniques


View Webinar - November 7, 2012: Managing Multi-Generational Communications


View Webinar - November 2, 2012: What Does Member Engagement Mean to You


View Webinar - August 14, 2012: Converting Leads with Webinars and Marketing Automation


View Webinar - May 16, 2012: How to Increase Integrated and Digital Advertising Sales

View Webinar - May 10, 2012: The Long Tail of the Event: Keep the Momentum of Your Live Event by Going Virtual

View Webinar - May 2, 2012: Powerful Use of Voicemail for Webinars (and Sales!)


View Webinar - March 20, 2012: 5 Key Steps to Planning & Executing a Successful Webinar Campaign


View Webinar - March 8, 2012: How to Effectively Sell With Webinars


View Webinar - January 26, 2012: 7 Keys to a Glitch-Free Webinar


View Webinar - January 17, 2012: Building Successful Webinars - Key Tips and Insights

View Webinar - December 1, 2011: Creating Webinar Content: Strategies for Success

View Webinar - October 26, 2011: The Evolution of Webcasting & The Future of Business Streaming

View Webinar - September 15, 2011: Your Roadmap to Webinar Success: How to Drive Traffic & Grow Attendance

View Webinar - June 23, 2011: Buyer's Guide to Event Technology - The 18 Point Inspection Process to Making an Informed Decision

View Webinar - March 22, 2011: How To Recycle Your Webinar Content




We look forward to meeting you at the following Conferences & Exhibitions:



October 13-16: PRSA 2012 International Conference - San Francisco, CA


November 27-29: Government Video Expo 2012 - Washington, DC


December 5-8: Technology Conference and Expo - Washington, DC


December 13: Holiday Showcase 2012 - Chicago, IL


March 3-7, 2013: HiMSS13 - New Orleans, LA




2013 User Conference


To Be Announced


As America’s trusted source for virtual meetings and events, Infinite will host their annual User Conference in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.


• Network – Connect with other businesses and meet new contacts.
• Interact - Get inspired by our amazing keynote speakers and panels– you can even bounce ideas off of them.
• Discover - One-on-one training to answer any question you have and learn new ways to get the most out of our products and services.
• Learn - Learn new techniques, strategies and best practices from our clients – and learn how you can do it yourself.
• Eat - Relax and enjoy our reception, dinner and complimentary lunch & breakfast buffets while you network.
• Train - Our break-out sessions allow you to get your specific questions answered at a time that works for you.
• Roadmap - Be the first to see and provide feedback on exciting products and services we will be rolling out in the near future.


We look forward to seeing you there!


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