Infinite Conferencing

Fill out the form to obtain a teleconferencing account at a preferred rate of $0.015 / per minute per connection.

Reservationless Teleconferencing

Great for impromptu meetings, this automated service is recommended for meetings up to 100 participants.

Requires one chair code to initiate your conference call.

No reservation required.

Features include:

Operator-Assisted Teleconferencing

A highly trained Infinite Operator will work with you to choreograph your event from start to finish - providing constant monitoring of the conference for help, security, or sound quality purposes to make certain you have the best experience possible.

Features include:

WebInterpoint Web Conferencing

This service is recommended for web-based meetings or webinars.

WebInterpoint supports up to 1000 participants with no advance reservation required.

Your private "web conference room" is available whenever you need it, with permanent entry codes.

Access your conference via your web-browser using a standard web URL.

The same entry codes are used for both Reservationless and WebInterpoint services.

Features include: