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Helpful Tips & Strategies for Virtual Meeting and Event Planners
Webinar Tip: Make the Most of Email Blasts

Email blasts can be an effective method of webinar promotion as long as it is done correctly. The truth is not everyone in your email list will be interested in each and every event you hold. Best practices on promoting dictates that you should create separate lists of email addresses for your different target markets. That way you can invite contacts based on their interest level of each topic.

In addition to using email as an effective tool to increase registration, you must also pay close attention to timing. Alerting individuals of your webinar a couple of weeks before it is held is a good time for a first email. However, many individuals are too busy to easily remember something they found out about a month ago.

For this reason, it is important to send out reminder emails, especially to those registered. Setting up a schedule of reoccurring emails prior to the event will help remind your attendees of the event.

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