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Helpful Tips & Strategies for Virtual Meeting and Event Planners
Webinar Tip:
Promote Your Webinar

No one will know to attend if you donít promote. In most cases, webinar tips state it is best to begin promotions about three weeks prior to the event. Some of the most popular methods of promoting include emails, social media, your website, LinkedIn and more. Check with your webinar vendor to find out about their services notifying, registering and reminding your attendees about the webinar. As you design your invitations, make sure you are clear about the date and time of the event, as well as how long it will last and what your attendees can hope to gain from attending. It is important to portray value in your live to build your attendance. Use email blasts, as well as create hashtags to use in social media, to bring attention to your webinar through various channels.

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