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Helpful Tips & Strategies for Virtual Meeting and Event Planners
Webinar Tip: Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media has become an important tool in webinar promotion. Different social media sites will require different strategies and approaches.

Facebook allows you to create an event that includes all the pertinent details to attract individuals to your webinar. This creates an effective hub where individuals can begin sharing your webinar and their excitement about the topic.

Twitter is another effective form of social media. Create a #hashtag that relates to your webinar and start using it to set the trend. Make sure you use the #hashtag in all your postings, even on other channels, so it is sure to gain notice and draw in sharing. Place this #hashtag on your registration page, event website and every Tweet you send out that relates to the webinar, making everything searchable.

LinkedIn is a third essential social media page for promotion. Look for relevant groups on LinkedIn and get involved in them. Create posts about your webinar and reply to related threads with information. Be careful not to spam these groups. You can also share your event with connections that may be interested to better establish yourself.

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