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Helpful Tips & Strategies for Virtual Meeting and Event Planners
Webinar Tip: Use Content to Push Your Webinar

One of the most important webinar best practices is to market content that is relatable to your webinar to attract attention. Such content should cover the same topics found in your presentation. It should offer insight and create intrigue to your readers. The goal is to grab the attention of your readers so they want to sign up for your webinar.

Blog posts, infographics and ebooks are all great ways to generate related content to draw attention to your event. You can begin using these tools weeks or months before your webinar. As readers ask questions through your blog or other avenues, you can use the feedback to build your webinar to better inform your audience. Most importantly, make sure the "call to action" of the event appears on each page and links directly to the designated landing page for sign-ups. Chances are your readers will want to learn more and are likely to click this link after reading.

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