Live Teleconference: Tuesday, October 15 at 1pm ET

A house divided against itself cannot stand, is a line from a speech delivered by Abraham Lincoln... While that line, drawn from the Bible, characterized another time, it certainly has application to the current environment... We appear to be a nation divided as evidenced by what's happening in our nation's capital these days. Is our form of government in jeopardy? Do we trust our institutions? Can we be reunited? Where do we go from here? And, what are the implications for those of us in the communications business?

  • Have the promises/calls for greater transparency - for both government and business world - been met?
  • Where do we go from here?
  • What does the government have to do to restore the faith of the American public?
  • How should companies position themselves in the current environment
  • What is the role of communications pros?

Meet our Speakers:
Steven Gaffney, CEO & President, Steven Gaffney Company
Kathy Jeavons, Partner & Senior Vice President, Ketchum
David E. Johnson, CEO & Co-Founder, Strategic Vision LLC
Moderated by Gene Marbach, Contributing Editor

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