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Wednesday, October 15, 2014 -- 1PM Eastern

A Collaborative Age Webinar
Presented by: John W. DeWitt, CEO and Editor in Chief,
Collaborative Age OmniMedia

Collaboration is sweeping across business and society in the second decade of the 21st century, as new technologies break down the barriers to collaboration---with customers, partners, and across workforces. For a large majority of CEOs, the ability to collaborate is the single most important trait they look for in a prospective employee, according to IBM surveys. Organizations across the enterprise are seeking to collaborate at all levels: Internally and externally---up, down, and across organizations, markets, sectors, and ecosystems.

In this informative, interactive presentation, our experts-John W. DeWitt, CEO and Editor in Chief of Collaborative Age OmniMedia, and moderator Steve Johnson, President of Ingate Systems-walk you through the new world of collaboration and its opportunities. Many companies, governments, and nonprofit organizations seek to collaborate. But most are still learning the new management discipline of business collaboration-and still struggling to harness the technologies and tools that can enable collaboration at 21st-century speed and scale. Collaborative leaders and workers must develop the mindset, skillset, and toolset of collaboration---transforming the way organizations work internally with their workforces and externally with all stakeholders-customers, partners, suppliers, even competitors.

"Collaboration is not the next evolution in how we work," according to John DeWitt. "It's a revolution in the way everyone-individuals and organizations-will work together in the 21st Century."

Moderated by:
Steven Johnson
President, Ingate Systems

Presented by:
John W. DeWitt
CEO and Editor in Chief, Collaborative Age OmniMedia

Sponsored by:
Collaborative Age OmniMedia
Ingate Systems
Infinite Conferencing

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