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IPO Boot Camp 2013

Part I: Ready, Set, IPO... Experts Provide Insights Into How Companies Should Prepare for a Successful IPO

Part II: The IPO and Beyond…Experts Provide Insights About Preparing For Life as a Public Company

What goes on in the boardroom doesn't always stay in the boardroom...

On August 7, leading experts will provide insights on ways of making that journey a little easier while positioning a company for a successful IPO in a webinar entitled, “Ready, Set, IPO.” On August 14, the discussion will shift to a discussion about preparing for life as a public company.

  • Craft effective titles and descriptions
  • Is your company ready for the glare of the spotlight?
  • What are the alternatives to an IPO?
  • Assembling a Board of Directors
  • Choosing an investment banker and building the IPO team
  • Selecting the right exchange for your company
  • How does the media – both traditional and social – factor into the equation?
  • Acting like a public company in advance of the IPO
  • Preparing the S-1 filing
  • Producing a winning road show presentation
  • How to avoid the pitfalls
  • The road show presentation
  • Bulletproofing management through rigorous presentation training
  • Preparing for life as a public company
  • Insuring deep after-market support through an investor targeting program
  • Production of materials
  • Preparing for the first quarterly conference call
  • Use of internal and external investor relations resources
  • Working with the media – both traditional and digital



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